Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Zeppeline Cautivo ESK

If we are able to make fly an inflatable, tethered should be something easy, but nevertheless impressive. Following our style, we develope new concepts even for this kind of helium inflatables. Our tethered blimps are designed to be stable in the air thanks to an auto-swiveling system and rigid carbon fins. If you are concerned about helium loss and typical punctures, try our revolutionary shells. With only 46 grams/m2 they are real rip stop, long endurance and an incredible helium loss of 4% of its total volumen per year with no osmosis effect (loose of purity). Once inflated just handle with care and forget topping up helium for the next 10 years ! Due to its lightness, there is no need to make the blimp so rounded, therefore with a very sharp profile, they have an excelent efficiency in the air.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Esfera San Miguel

  • 5 to 7 meters blimps made on PVC or our new ultralight high grade polyamide.
  • Our blimps and spheres can be lightned by means of halogen lamps, cold LED light or RGB (colour changing).
  • There are several sizes and colours.
  • We can digital print any picture.

Please contact us for further information and price list.