Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

CE mark certified by normalization company SCI

CE mark certified by normalization company SCI

Since 1998 he has built hundreds of blimps, inflatables and flying forms. During this time, customers around the world have been enjoying our creations. This success is the result of all the safety standards that we apply to our products. This certification includes:

  • Evaluation of potential risks and actions taken in flight.
  • Systems redundancy in control of the airship.
  • Test pressure and burning of the supporting bag.
  • Recovery systems in case of loss of control.
  • Protection of mobile elements (helices).
  • Flight crew training.

Security systems

All our creations are designed under CE mark regulations and certified by the normalization and certifications company SCI. Some of these security systems are:

  • High grade rip stop polyamide bag. Lamp touch tested for 1 minute before slow deflating.
  • Overpressure control valve.
  • Fully shrouded motors.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Seguridad y proteccion

Nimbus Dirigibles: helices protegidas

  • Double redundancy in all our systems (ESC’s, servos, batteries, tail rotor).
  • Fail Safe transmission system.
  • Autonomous recovery device.
  • Jeti Box Profi full telemetry. Energy flow control, batt temperature, speed, air pressure, altitude, servos voltage.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Jeti Box Profi

  • Outdoor airships come with emergency deflating pump and GPS.