Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

Nimbus Dirigibles is located in Novosur bussines building in Madrid, Spain near the center of the city.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Edificio Empresarial Novosur-vista-aerea

Nimbus Dirigibles: Edificio Empresarial Novosur-vista-calle

All our products are designed and assembled in our factory, where we work with the best machines such a CNC mill, welding and sealing machines, and all kind of modelism tools.

Nimbus Dirigibles: diseño CAD patrones de dirigibles

CAD design department

Nimbus Dirigibles: torno fresadora CNC

Drill and machining CNC

Before each flight or dispatching, every airship is fully tested. We use DM and aluminium moulds to make cabins and shrouders.
Test bench for the N-700

Test bench for the N-700

Moulds and gondolas

Moulds and gondolas

We use DM and aluminium moulds to make cabins and shrouders.
Patterns are obtained by CAD design. After we cut and seal those patterns to make the inflaable body. We use the best materials for helium retention.
Sealing gores

Sealing gores

Since 1998 we manufatured the best airships in the market.

We are specialist