Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

Lexus NX flying at Sapporo Dome – Japan

The new flying Lexus NX inside the huge Sapporo Dome in Japan.

Attendance was 40.000 and the event had prime time TV coverage.

Flying Lexus NX

Enjoy the new flying Lexus NX TV commercial.

We produced the flying car in two months and was delivered in one piece from our factory in Madrid to Los Angeles, where the TVC took place.

Airbus 320 Iberia

A-320 Iberia Express  8 meters lenght

Nimbus Dirigibles live on TV Show El Hormiguero

The Man in Black left us with an open mouth blowing their car plate with the power of his mind.

The Flying Car

The new flying C-Max, the last creation from Nimbus Dirigibles.

C-Max Presentation

The new flying C-Max, the last creation from Nimbus Dirigibles.

Realistic Flying Replicas

(Patent Pending)

With the new RAF’s we get identical models with the original in 1:1 scale

With the new RAF’s we get identical models with the original in 1:1 scale

Since 1998 Nimbus Dirigibles is specialized in designing and constructing remote controlled airships. Our products has a long reputation in Europe and the U.S. Until now, all our models had a classic shape (airship) or customized (special shapes) but always starting from an inflatable element. In 2011 we introduce a new generation of remote controlled flying objects… the Realistic Flying Replicas

Magic or reality?

Technological reality. Starting with big blocks of foam and CAD hot wiring machine, we get an special ultra light shell, reproducing up the smallest detail. A meticulous final hand work wich includes chrome parts and lights gives the desired final touch.
The final replica weights around 6 kilograms. An inner helium polyurethane bag makes the shape floating and finally an advanced remote controlled system moves our replica wherever desired.

Original or replica?

Original or replica?

What kind of objects may we replicate?

Any with CAD files availble. If you dont have these files we can always scan small sized replicas with laser and work with the files obtained.

Where to use

  • Presentations
  • Trade fairs
  • Commercials
  • Sport events
  • Airports, big stations
  • Malls

Nimbus Dirigibles: revar, formato real


Please contact us and we study viablity and cost of your project.


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You will reach high recall and empathy to your brand.
You will differentiate from your competitors.

avion correg-web-PNimbus Dirigibles: Revar, Formato 3D

Don’t loose our picture gallery and impressive videos of this revolutionary product.

Have a look at our best action in multi-award-winning entertainment program “El Hormiguero”. Considered by Ford Spain as the best brand content action ever made, was finalist in the Golden Lions Awards 2011 in Cannes.


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