Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

HelioCam – Ruta Ñ 2015

Live footage from N-350 blimp

Ruta Ñ 2015 – Spain’s basketball national team

N-300 HD Cam

Test flight of the new Sony HVR-A1 in the Caja Magica of Madrid.

N-350 HelioCam

N-350 blimp with camera to TVE. Toyota Cup.

N-900 Napoles

N-900 outdoor airship with cam in Sarno speed ciruit, Napoli, Italy.

One of the main challenges Nimbus had to cope with has been to get lighter and stronger materials to increase the loading capacity of our blimps . This increased capacity has allowed to install video equipments weighting up to 5 kgs.

Video heads

Our video gimbals incorporate full remote control and inertial stabilization units with their corresponding magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers in the axis pan, tilt and roll.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Imagen aerea, plataforma para modelo dirigible interior

Indoor blimps camera mount

Nimbus Dirigibles: Imagen aerea, plataforma para modelo dirigible exterior

Outdoor blimps gimbal

All these technical improvements together with the smoothness of the blimp flight, give a perfectly compensated image without undesired rocking or vibrations in inside or outside flights including strong wind facing conditions. We also work with postedition software Mercalli 2.0.


We use mainly Camcordes Sony HD/SD

Nimbus Dirigibles: Imagen aerea, camara HVR-A1


Nimbus Dirigibles: Imagen aerea, camara HVR-Z5


We can offer you the possibility to fly with other cameras with just the limit of 2.5 kg. of maximum weight.

Video links

We work with IDX video links. Main features:

  • SD/HD transmission, uncompressed video on 5 Ghz band.
  • Real time image. Video delay less than 1 ms.
  • Modulation MIMO/OFDM.
  • Video output SDI.

Main uses

Filming and live video of all kind of indoor events (sport, concerts, fairs) as a aerial camera or even as a zenital static cam. This last feature makes possible to install a full professional video head in the highest ceiling in only 15 minutes, reducing dramatically the costs of this kind of works. For outdoor events, our strongest feature is the possibility for flying safely over the crowd due to our strict security systems and the smooth operation , in comparison with other platforms, such a helicopters.

Nimbus Dirigibles: Camara, Vodafone, Concierto

N-450 with aerial cam flying over the crowd in a concert

Nimbus Dirigibles: Camara cenital

N-450 airship as a zenital cam during bullfighting