Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

3 m Spheres Zarzuela

Radiocontrolled spheres flying in Sport Palace of Madrid

San Miguel flying bottle

RC San Miguel bottle in Basketball Cup Final 2012.

Andalucía Aerostat

RC Aerostat for Fitur, Andalucia.

Central Lechera Asturiana RC bottle

Custom RC shapes.

Our design department can make any inflatable idea to fly. We work with the best CAD tools. Starting from a simple drawing or picture, we get all 2D patterns. Once the volume is finished, we study the best way to move it, and set all the motors and electronics.

Measuring and modelized

Nimbus Dirigibles: Formas Volantes, dimensionado y modelado

Final result

Nimbus Dirigibles: Formas Volantes, resultado final

Flight systems and controls

Due to special features of inflatable shapes, they do not have stabilizing fins. To avoid this problem our last generation custom shapes are including inertial units for a better control and stabilized attitude. These devices are controlling balancing and undesired movements. Thus, all kind of smooth maneuvers are possible in the air (flips, loops), but always in slow motion, with no risk making this kind of shapes something unforgettable. Ask for a quote and we will study the best option for you.