Nimbus Dirigibles

Remote controlled blimps specialists for advertising and aerial picture.

N500 – Ballantines

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Kyocera RC blimp

Kyocera’s Blimp flying in the basketball arena Vistalegre.

El Conciertazo

N-300 Blimp live on TVE program “El Conciertazo”

Good Year Indoor RC Blimp

3 meters goodyear RC blimp in a trade fair in Zaragoza – Spain

We offer you the evolution of 14 years of experience creating RC blimps. Our products are designed to be used only for professionals. We care up to the smallest detail and the quality of the materials is nothing to do with other products in the market. For example, our outer shells are made of high grade polyamide (rip stop) with dakron reinforced areas and the inner bladder holds helium like never before. The helium loss is 3% of its total volumen per year, something never seen before. Get ready and face the problem of the incoming helium shortage.

Double redundancy controls, telemetry, recovery device, gyrostabilized cams, pilot coaching… these are some of the features of our creations.

N-300 / 350

Indoor airships, Andalucia, front
These models have been designed mainly for indoor use in fairs and medium sized arenas (from 3000 to 7000 seats). The high impact in these events becomes matchless. Its outstanding characteristics are maneuverability and speed. Available in almost any color with a useful banner surface up to 5 sq. meters. They are all equipped with gift throwers, live video and aerial cam. This is only possible in these small airships thanks to the latest technologies used by Nimbus Dirigibles Our blimps are CE certified. For further in formation see our page about Safety and Technology.

N-400 / 450

Indoor airships, CocaCola, behind
This series is for use in big size sport arenas (up to 15.000 seats) with a roof height enough to enable its operation. The banner area goes up to 9 sq. meters. Its powerful engines allow the use of heavier publicity gifts to be thrown (balls, T-shirts, etc.) as well as our professional video equipment.


Trade fairs

Generally speaking the abundance of stands in trade fairs may become many times annoying for the visitors. The exhibitors must show creativity and ability to make up and modify this simply static scenery by using more dynamic and suggestive elements. Our airships will provide you with:

  • Increased presence.
  • Continuous visibility, (including the inactivity periods).
  • Optimization of the space. No more sq. meters necessary for a suggestive presentation of your products.

Sport events

  • Your brand will be always visible since banners are placed in both sides of the endless moving airships allowing your brand to be seen everywhere in contrast with the traditional static publicity means.
  • Visitors will participate more actively in the event by the throwing of advertising gifts.
  • Different models of blimps are available for outdoor and indoor events suitable to cover almost any advertising need you may have.
  • On TV broadcast matches our airships will provide an extra to your brand without additional expenses.

Do not hesitate

Our airships will considerably improve your advertising costs, achieving a better image of your trade mark in comparison to your competitors.